A bright new name and brand identity for Sussex-based dog trainers.

Brightdog, East Sussex

Keep calm and take the lead!

Brand identity, logo, website and print design

Trained by Hollywood’s ‘dog whisperer’ Ceasar Milan, Brightdog has an enviable skill set, a holistic approach to dog training and a happy and loyal following in Brighton and East Sussex.

But with no brand to speak of, a limited off-the-shelf website, and no marketing activity beyond word-of-mouth, Brightdog was in need of some woof!

Working together, we devised a bright new name, fit for a Brighton audience that defined the brand in one word… and ‘Brightdog’ was born!

Coupled with a compelling call-to-action ‘keep calm and take lead’, Brightdog now has a clear name and brand message with which to claim its rightful place in the market.

A beautifully-designed logo, brand identity system, website, and a range of printed marketing materials followed.

Brand package


We created a new name that perfectly reflected the service offering, audience and ethos of the brand.

Logo design

Development of core logo and variants to cover the many and varied uses across print and digital media.


Messaging was key to Brightdog’s deployment, from the ‘keep calm’ strapline to the tone of voice and copy used in print and on the website.

Brand identity

Creation of a versatile set of brand assets and templates. These established the look and feel of the brand when applied across multiple print and digital touch points.


We worked with the client’s own images, turning them into a visually-coherent set that could be applied to marketing and promotional materials. We introduced the new name and brand with a set of business cards that featured 50 of Brightdog’s furry friends.

Brand applications

Production of a series of key print-based promotional materials to support Brightdog’s training, workshop and event offerings.

The Brightdog brand was then rolled out to a new website to support and serve its customers.

Logo design

A playful pictogram becomes a badge for the brand.

Complimented with a friendly hand-drawn typeface, the logo is housed in a diamond-bright motif to create a memorable and versatile new marque.

Brand identity

Complimentary brand assets and templates established look and feel for the visual identity when applied across multiple print and digital touch points.

Client review

I’m thrilled with the design of the brand identity, logo and website. The process from beginning to end was a pleasure, and I’m deeply grateful for your patience, creativity and passion on this project. You’ve created a top-class suite of printed marketing materials, a beautiful new website, and helped us to engage on social media.

My business now has an up to date fresh face that aligns with our goals and most importantly feels like us! Thank you so much.

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